Meet Our Staff

Very Quickly To Provide Accurate, On Time And Problem-Free Closings

With thousands of residential closings and title examinations for banks, mortgage lenders and brokers, and home owners/sellers, we have been providing unmatched real estate closing services for over 20 years in the Raleigh area. Our small firm was built and grown on the principal of limiting our practice to primarily real estate closings, allowing our team to remain experts in an ever-changing field. Because of this, we are able to give our clients the flexibility and expertise necessary to accommodate each unique closing situation in a manner that is conscious of time, privacy, and law.

With over 20 years practicing as a Real Estate Attorney in North Carolina, Jeff creates an atmosphere that gives home buyers and sellers peace of mind at the closing table by pursuing each transaction as its own unique situation, legally and with the clients needs in mind.

“With Their Extensive Knowledge, The Firm Is Confident And Efficient, Helping Us Work Through Any Issues.”
– Joanne R, Broker-In-Charge | RDU Realty

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