Price Sheet

Zdenek Law Firm Closing Fee Sheet

Refinance* $750.00
Purchase* $975.00
Equity Line-Stand Alone $550.00 & Up
Purchase (Paid in Cash) $750.00
Preferred Builder Purchase PLEASE CALL
Equity Line with 1st Mortgage $350.00
Purchases ($1,000,000 and Up) $1,250.00
Refinances ($1,000,000 and Up) $1,000.00
Foreclosures / Shortsales** $1,250.00
HUD Closings** $1,550.00
Manufactured Home Closings (If not deemed real estate yet) $1,550.00
Deed/Lien Waiver Preparation (Only) $150.00
Mortgage Cancellation / Lien Payoff Fee (per D/T)
(charged to seller on purchases only)
Specific Power of Attorney $50.00
Free Trader Agreement $125.00
Quitclaim Deed $125.00
Subordination Agreement (Add $25 if Subst. of Trustee is needed) $175.00
Residential Leases $350.00 & Up
Commercial Leases $450.00 & Up
Escrow Agreements $250.00 & Up
Encroachment Agreements $250.00 & Up
Hourly Rate for Contract Review, Consultations, Letters, etc. $100 (1st 30 min);
$300.00/hr after


** These fees represent the total attorney fee, and include any express/copy/fax fee
*** Many counties now offer E-recording. Our office uses Simplifile, who charges $4.50 per document being filed. Note if we are responsible for recording, the E-recording fee will be added to your invoice.

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