Your Closing Day

What To Should Expect At Closing

Upon arriving at our office for your closing, the seller will be taken back to our conference room with our closing attorney, Jeff Zdenek, first. The signing of seller documents typically takes 15 minutes, after which the sellers will be free to go.

Next, the buyer will be given a brief opportunity to discuss matters related to the closing with the seller, such as keys, utilities, garbage/recycling days, alarm codes, and so on.

After the exchange of information, if any, the buyer’s closing will then begin and last approximately 45 minutes.

All parties should bring their IDs, and buyers may be required to provide two forms of ID, depending on their lender requirements. Please discuss what is needed to be brought with your mortgage agent and also real estate agent before your closing day.

At Zdenek Law Firm, we want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease through the closing day process. We invite you into our office with cozy seating in the lobby, bottled water or coffee to enjoy if you arrive early or are just needing a little energy boost. We’re just as excited as you are and strive to give you a pleasant experience working with our team.

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