Buyers Closing Guide

What Should Buyers Anticipate When Purchasing a Home?

Preparing for the Purchase of a Home? Please read through the outline below to familiarize yourself with our closing process.

1. Pre-Closing Preparation
Before we can facilitate the purchase of your new home, we will need to collect some information about you, and have you sign our Letter of Engagement which sets the parameters of our representation. Please fill in the Buyer Closing Forms.

2. Closing Day Process
A. Arrive at the scheduled closing time and let our staff know you’ve arrived by ringing the bell in the waiting room next to our Dutch door. (Our attorney may be meeting with the Sellers, so please be patient as they sign their documents, which must be completed separately due to privacy laws)

B. After the Sellers have gone through their paperwork, you will be shown into the conference room to meet briefly with the Sellers for about 5 minutes, should you have any questions about the property. Subjects typically discussed are keys, utilities, garbage days, codes for alarms, etc. Meanwhile, our attorney will make copies of the Sellers’ documents. We encourage the parties to provide each other their phone numbers to allow for further discussion after closing, if necessary.

C. After the sellers are dismissed with copies of their closing documents, our attorney will guide you through your closing documents, answering questions as needed. After roughly 30-40 minutes, you will finish your paperwork, be provided copies, and given a quick overview of the transaction before being sent on your way.

3. Finalizing The Transaction
After you leave, we will set about getting funding authorization from your mortgage lender, should you have one. Once we have funding authorization, we will disburse the money and record the deed at the registrar of deeds office in the county in which your new home stands. Once that is done, you own the home in the public record, and you can expect to receive the original deed in the mail within 7-10 business days.


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