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“As the Broker-in-Charge of a Real Estate firm that represents BRG Builders, a residential real estate builder and developer, I strongly recommend Zdenek Law Firm for loan closings. They have successfully completed hundreds of real estate transactions for our company over the last 10 years. They have an excellent, trained and experienced staff that understands residential real estate transactions. With their extensive knowledge, working with both sellers and buyers, the firm is confident and efficient, helping us work through any issues very quickly to provide accurate, on time and problem-free closings. RDU Realty and BRG Builders are very happy to recommend this fine firm.”

Joanne Renaud | Broker-in-Charge, RDU Realty

“I have been thrilled with the level of service that Zdenek Law Firm has provided to River Community Bank, and our clients. Jeff and his team go above and beyond for our borrowers. The quick responses, constant follow up and attention to every detail provides our clients with a smooth closing experience.

The closing is the last thing people remember in purchasing or refinancing a home, and I am very grateful for Zdenek Law Firm’s support and effort. They have really set the bar high for what a good closing attorney should do, and I am happy we have developed a strong business relationship. Zdenek Law Firm is a valuable asset to our success.”

Phil Jawny | Senior Mortgage Loan Officer, River Community Bank, N.A.

“Jeff and his team are very easy to work with, diligent, and responsive. They are customer service oriented which is very important to us as we provide a high level of service to our buyers. The HUDs and Closing Documents are always prepared correctly and delivered on time. Prior to closing, we always have plenty of time to make adjustments to ensure the experience is smooth and seamless for the homebuyers.

Because of their capabilities and service, we selected Zdenek Law Firm as our primary closing attorney in the Triangle. I highly recommend the Firm to anyone interested in using them for real estate transactions.”

Jim Caravello | Chief Financial Officer, Robuck Homes Triangle, LLC

“I have had the privilege of working with the Zdenek Law Firm on a regular basis. My experience has been that they are a professional, well-managed firm that not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

The review of the loan package and closing documents can be tedious for homebuyers, but Jeff’s friendly and relaxed communication style makes difficult and challenging concepts easily understandable. He is willing to take time to discuss concerns and respond to questions at the closing table. Our buyers are always complimentary about their experience with him.

The homey atmosphere of the office immediately puts folks at ease on a day that is inherently stressful. The closing experience is seamless for JW Homes customers. Working with the Zdenek Law Firm is a pleasure on every level.”

Celinda Howell | Closing Coordinator, John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Zdenek Law Firm for all of your real estate closing needs. Through my work in mortgage lending, Zdenek Law Firm has handled countless closings for my clients for more than 10 years. I have found that every transaction has been conducted in a highly efficient and professional manner.

Mr. Zdenek is adept at explaining the mortgage closing documents in terms that borrowers can easily understand, and his friendly demeanor quickly puts buyers and sellers at ease. Whenever a problem arises, Mr. Zdenek works with all parties involved to reach a solution that works for everyone. He always remains calm and courteous.”

– Connie A Tench | Home Mortgage Consultant, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

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