Can I Sign the Seller Closing Documents Prior to the Scheduled Closing Date?

May 1, 2017

Yes. We understand that with all of the moving parts associated with a seller exiting their home, the scheduled closing time may not be convenient for the seller. We are sensitive to that issue and are more than happy to accommodate the seller to that end. If you would like to come to our office to execute the closing documents prior to the scheduled closing date, please contact our office to set up a time. We DO NOT charge an extra fee for this service.

Please be aware that pursuant to the terms of your contract with the buyer, you must provide documentation at or before closing that effectively transfers or conveys your interest in the property. Commonly referred to as a Deed and Lien Waiver, these documents must be prepared in conformity with North Carolina Law to effectively convey title. North Carolina Law allows us to perform this service on your behalf, or you can make other accommodations to prepare the requisite documentation. In the event we are not providing this service, please provide the documents, or at least a copy of the documents, two days prior to closing for our review.

In either case, please provide your preference on the SIS, so that we may plan accordingly. Our fee for facilitating the sellers side of the transaction is $150. If you would like us to prepare the transfer documents that are required per your contractual obligation, that fee is only an additional $100 for a total seller fee of $250.