What Costs Are Involved in Selling a Home or Property?

May 1, 2017

Typical Home Seller Expenses:

• Deed preparation (attorney fee)
• Excise stamps paid by the seller to the State of North Carolina are $1.00 per $500.00 of sales price.
• Sellers share of property taxes based on the calendar. Note that any closing after July 7 will require us to pay the tax bill at closing. Closings prior to July 7 will require seller to credit buyer the sellers portion of the tax bill based on a calendar year, as per the Offer to Purchase. These prorations are NOT based on the counties fiscal year.
• HOA transfer and certification fees
• Real estate commission if an agency is involved
• Fees associated with loan payoff or transferring funds into a checking account (overnight fees, electronic fund transfer)
• Any costs seller has agreed to under the Offer to Purchase