What Does the Buyer Need to Bring to Closing?

May 1, 2017

Buyer should bring 2 current forms of ID to closing, one drivers license or passport and one separate form of ID that contains the buyers name.

• The buyer will need to bring money owed for the completion of the transaction in the form of “certified” funds, such as an official bank check, certified check, cashiers check, or money order (or wire transfer, or even cash), made payable to Zdenek Law Firm, PA

• Sellers often think they need to bring their original deed to closing, but this is not really necessary in North Carolina. The recorded copy of the deed in the County Register of Deeds office, which the attorney examines during the title search before closing, is more important than the actual original deed.

The above guidelines are only general; in your specific situation the closing attorney might modify or add to them. Check with your agent or the attorney a few days before closing to confirm you have everything you need.